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Interior's solutions for Building

The presence of Ameralys in the Interior Outfitting enables us to intervene on various types of products :
- Interior outfitting of apartments, of residences of leisure, stores, hotels, offices are as many fields where we can bring our expertise to you.
- Our various experiments on projects of high standard also enable us to provide you a certain value added on, for example, residences of prestige.

Our missions are entrusted to us either by the building contractor, the Architect or the Interior Outfitter. They can be various natures and relate to a project of new building, refurbishment or the use's transformation of a room.

Our interventions can be :

  • complete, i.e., begin with Basic Design and to end in the reception of the interior project or
  • to be limited, for example, to only the follow-up of work.

Ameralys skills at your disposal :

  • Standards appraisal
  • Necessary work analysis to be carried out in case of refurbishment or conversion.
  • Offer appraisal in the engineering and financial angle
  • To schedule the whole project, to follow up progress report and the operating budget
  • To search for subcontractor
  • To coordinate the different parties involved in a project
  • To draw or give advises on execution drawings
  • To follow up the design part of the project
  • To organize and lead the coordination meetings then to write minute of meetings
  • To follow up the actions
  • To control the quality of workshop production
  • To follows up on site fitting, in taking care of the regulation, drawings and time schedule
  • To take part to the final project acceptance.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Some examples of realizations :


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